Hi to everyone at Blankets for Canada Society  from the Calgary Drop-In Centre Society.

I was made aware of your Society by our wonderful volunteer and friend, Doris B. Doris volunteers a tremendous amount of her time here at the Centre. She is so well regarded, not just by our staff, but by the clients we serve as well.

I have visited your Web site and found what a wonderful service you are providing to the homeless and disadvantaged citizens of this great country of ours. And you are doing it out of the warmth and goodness of your HEARTS.

By taking your program into schools across Canada you are not only encouraging children to learn to knit and crochet you are teaching them to help those who are less fortunate. These are the things that will pay dividends down the road and make Canada a kinder more tolerant society in which to live.

The grand opening of the Centre will be Sept 8, 2001 and we will be providing our clients with beds (520 beds) in their new home rather than mats on the floor, which is what they presently receive. The new Centre will have commercial washers and dryers that will allow us to wash blankets, sheets, etc.

Therefore, to receive enough blankets, though donation, to give each of our clients their own for the night would enhance our Night Program immensely.

Again I acknowledge the kindness and generosity of everyone involved with Blankets for Canada Society. You not only help warm people you also warm hearts.

With very best regards,

Patrick McDonald
Resource Development Officer
Calgary Drop-In Centre Society