We were approached by an agency for foster children awhile back. They told us that they had a need for two blankets. These were given to them and this is the story they brought back to us.

Two young boys were presented with the blankets for their bed. They were pleased but little reaction was noted. Two days later the boys were to go to a new foster home. As they were at the door, with one tiny suit case with all they owned in this world, the social worker, that had been there a couple days before and gave them a blankets, said to them "where are your blankets"?

The boys told her that they said they were on their beds. They were then told they were theirs to keep and their eyes lit up as they said together "They are our very own to keep?"

They ran to get them and stood at the door a few minute later with tears in their eyes as they hugged their blankets and said "THANK YOU!"

On the way to the new home they again asked if they could really keep the blankets and if no one would take them from them.