A man came to the store front one Thursday a few months ago and said he wanted to tell everyone thank you.  As we talked he went on to tell us that he was an Alcoholic and that he had went through the dry out program with Southern Alcare, one of the groups that receive our blankets.

I do not remember if he said he had a job or was looking for a job but, he said that when we finished the program with Southern Alcare on graduation he received a pin, a certificate and one of our blankets and that was to help him as he started out with nothing again.

He said that for the last year when he got down and wanted to take a drink he would hold his blankets real tight and feel the love that was in it.  He told me that because so much love was put into the blanket it has helped him stay sober for one whole year.

He wanted to thank everyone that makes Blankets for this love and help that you have given him.  We all wished him our love and support as he entered his second year of being sober.