Meadowcroft Blankets For Canada Group

Submitted by Grace Howie

In 2000 we became aware of an organization called Blankets For Canada, and because most of us no longer do volunteer work, it seemed by joining this group that we would be able to donate some time and effort toward helping the needy.

This has turned into almost a form of therapy for many of us. We meet every Wednesday morning in the Meadowcroft Sun Room. We chat, and knit or crochet, and “Voila!” an 8 inch square is made.

When 48 squares have been put together by people who are taught to do this at Edmonton Blankets For Canada, we are so proud to see a warm blanket. Our blankets go to help people in Edmonton and District. We have a very small group that meets Wednesday but some of our other people work in their homes.

In 2001, International Year of Volunteers, Meadowcroft Volunteers received recognition from the Government of Canada for Outstanding Service as “Contributing Volunteers” to Blankets For Canada Society Inc.

Meadowcroft Volunteers were also honoured in the following clipping from The Edmonton Journal.

“Warm Memories – A craft group at Meadowcroft Seniors’ Residence is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its association with Blankets For Canada. In the last 12 months, the residents have made 68 warm, wool blankets for the needy. Each blanket is made up of 48 squares. Blankets For Canada has distributed more than 1,500 blankets so far this year.”

Our people are so generous with their donations and the many hours making squares. We wish to express our thanks to Blankets For Canada for giving us the privilege of being a part of this organization. This gives us the opportunity to know we are able to help some people who sometimes cannot help themselves.

The following are the yearly statistics for Meadowcroft:

  • 2002  3365 squares    which makes     70 blankets
  • 2003  4365 squares    which makes     91 blankets
  • 2004  3768 squares    which makes     78 blankets
  • 2005 (Jan through Apr) 1476 squares which makes     30 blankets

So “stats” are a little boring, but we just wanted you to know (although grammatically incorrect) …

“We Done Good!”

(Editor’s note:  Grace Howie is a 91 year old senior with restricted vision. She writes regularly to Meadowcroft’s newsletter, requesting donations of yarn – which efforts are extremely successful in supplying the Wednesday group with a continued inventory from which to build yet more squares, that become yet more blankets! – way to go, Grace!).